Over 1,500 of us are walking all over the UK, from Inverness to St Ives, and even internationally too. While we can’t all be together in person, we’ll be together in spirit.


Walk with Romesh Ranganathan, Seann Walsh, Tim and Gendle, as well as some of your fellow walkers, by downloading the Lost Hours Walk Podcast.

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Looking for some tunes, we’ve got you covered. Head over to Spotify for some tunes to accompany your walk. 

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Kit checklist

Kit checklist

What to pack

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All walk leaders will have been sent a link to order a Lost Hours Walk pack, complete with medals for all their walkers. If you're a walk leader and aren't sure you've ordered yours, get in touch and we'll help get you sorted. 



We know you’re not a pro photographer or an influencer who can spend hours photoshopping details into your pics. So we’ve put some tips together on how to make sure your shots look tip top even on a cold night in October:


  • An October walk will be chilly, but try to keep your hand steady (gloves and a thermos of Bovril can help with that)

  • If your group is posing for a photo make sure they’re as still as possible.

  • If it’s an action shot use “burst mode”, then you’ll have a range of shots to choose from, avoiding any blinks or motion blur.

  • Try to avoid capturing other people in the frame, the more focus on our Lost Hours Walkers, the better. They’re the heroes we want to see.

  • If you’re shooting at night, where possible look for some sort of light source (street lamp, illuminated shop windows, or even, as Toploader suggested, dancing in the moonlight) as opposed to flash, which can cause red-eye and doesn’t fare well against reflective materials.

  • Think outside the box. As much as we all love a thumbs pose to camera, use the surroundings on your walk to your benefit and try capturing the atmosphere.

  • Shoot videos too! We love to see the walks happening. Bring us close to action!

  • Remember to use the hashtag #LostHoursWalk when posting to social media, so we can see all the amazing walks taking place.