We’re walking because you don’t have to be a doctor to save a life

This October hundreds of people are taking to the streets to smash the silence around loss in the UK. 125 people take their own lives every single week, and we’re uniting against suicide to send a message that that’s not ok. 

Jamila, along with her colleagues and teammates, PMHT Wellbeing Champions , is one of hundreds of groups taking on a #LostHoursWalk this October. As mental health workers, they know the importance of services like CALM’s, and are walking to raise awareness and funds to keep them running when they’re needed more than ever. 

“I’m walking to get the message across that it’s okay to speak about your feelings. It’s about raising awareness and although people might think it doesn’t affect them, it could so easily be someone in your circle. Everyone has a role in preventing suicide - it’s a collective responsibility. You can still save a life without being a doctor.”

Jamila works with young people and believes it’s important to talk to them before they reach crisis point.

“It’s about being proactive rather than reactive. I want to tell people that they shouldn’t let temporary pain have a permanent impact. When you’re going through difficult times, it’s only a small chapter in your life and there’s so much more than that. Your life is meaningful.”

“I've had some of my clients open up about feeling suicidal because, right now, with covid and everything going on, it is a lot for them to deal with. I think talking to young people and tackling the stigma especially, would prevent a lot of mental health issues. 

Which is why raising awareness is a primary focus for Jamila. She and her workmates haven’t planned out their route just yet, but they’re planning some attention-grabbing t-shirts to make sure they are seen and noticed:

“It would be good to do it somewhere we can get seen so that the message actually comes across to other people. It would be amazing if someone walking past decides to look up why we’re walking and then find CALM”

Forward, together, against suicide

We want as many people to take part in the Lost Hours Walk as possible. Wherever you are in the country, no matter your age, or ability, choose a distance and route that works for you, your friends, family and community so we can walk forward, together, against suicide.

Whatever your reason why, it’s time to unite against suicide. Sign up here.