Jessica Paine

For Henry; ours forever young,

This October I'm taking on the Lost Hours Walk for its' second year debut and I couldn't be prouder to do so.

In 2018, my boyfriend Henry Campbell unfortunately chose to take his own life. What peace Henry found that day was shrouded by the pain and the tragedy of his passing, for all his friends and family.

Henry was a beautiful soul, a clown and a character, always smiling or cracking a joke. His laughter was contagious, and I miss him with everyday that passes, every sunset I see, every 'Sol' I drink, and every time I hear The Specials play.

Henry felt like there was no alternative, and we are walking to prove him wrong; the sweetness of life is proven in the tragedy of loss, and to think of the things we would do if we could rewind, if we'd found support like we have in CALM, is overwhelming.

There are always better days coming, and there is always someone to listen; CALM’s free, anonymous and confidential helpline and webchat are there for anyone who needs support.
On average, 125 people take their own lives every week in the UK.

We have a civil duty to rectify this: to spread awareness, compassion and understanding. Change starts here, together; it's okay not to be okay!

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