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The Lost Hours Walk is taking place across the UK this October. By signing up you’ll be agreeing to plan your own Lost Hours Walk in your hometown or location of your choice.
Your Lost Hours Walk can be any distance and in any location. We suggest walking against suicide on October 25, as this is the day the clock goes back, but you can opt to take on your own Lost Hours Walk anytime during October or November.

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When is the event?

This is your event, so you can decide the date, time, distance and route that works for you. We’d suggest Saturday October 25th 2020, as that’s the weekend that the clocks go back, but you can hold your event at any time around this date. Just make sure to leave yourself enough time to plan and recruit family and friends, so your Lost Hours Walk experience is as simple and stress-free as possible.

Is this the same event as last year?

This time you'll be planning and organising your own Lost Hours Walk. It can be any distance and in any location. We suggest walking against suicide on October 25, as this is the day the clock goes back, but you can opt to take on your own Lost Hours Walk anytime.

How do I choose my route?

You'll need to plan your own Lost Hours Walk route - but we've made it as simple as possible. We suggest choosing a route that is either 3, 13 or 26 miles, but you can choose any distance or location, just make sure to follow local laws and guidance.

You might want to think about things like accessibility, gradient (hilliness) and even just scenic-value, when planning your route. We’ve teamed up with Ordnance Survey to help you find and plan a route that works for you. They have fantastic information about planning a walk.

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What do I need to take on my walk?

We'll send you a helpful list of all the things you might need on your walk, but for now we'd recommend investing in a good pair of walking shoes or boots.

I'm outside the UK, can I still take part?

Absolutely. CALM provides a life-saving helpline and webchat service for people in the UK, and any funds raised will go to support this work. If you are outside of the UK, some of the support we offer in the lead up to your walk might not be available, but we’ll always do our best.

Can children take part?

As you're organising your own walk, this is up to you. We'd recommend creating a route that's suitable for all walkers, so bear this in mind if young children will be walking with you. We'd recommend that any children taking part do it with a parent or carer's permission, or with them present.

Can someone from CALM come to my walk?

Unfortunately not. We're a small team and won't be able to come and meet you on your walk. We'll be able to support you via email and on the phone should you have any questions.


How do I get started with Fundraising?

We’ll help you raise whatever you can, but don’t worry there's no minimum target. When you register for the walk, you’ll also create a fundraising page that you can share with friends and family to ask for donations and we’ll be sending you loads of ideas and tips on fundraising after you register.

Can you provide me with a banner or marquee?

We don't have physical banners or marquees that we can send to you. However, we do have a downloadable banner that you can get printed.

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Can I order a t-shirt?

Absolutely. We have t-shirts, stickers, badges, whatever you need to CALM up your walk. You’ll receive information to get hold of everything you’ll need after you register.


What do CALM do?

CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably, offers support and information to people when they need it.

We exist to prevent suicide, which takes the lives of 125 people every week. CALM provides a free, anonymous and confidential helpline and webchat from 5pm to midnight every day to help people struggling with life's lowpoints.

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How will the money raised be spent?

Any funds raised will enable us to support people through our free, anonymous and confidential helpline and webchat, open every day, 5pm-midnight. £8 can answer one potentially life-saving call to our helpline.