We’re walking to remember my brother and to make sure everyone has access to the help they need 

This October hundreds of people are taking to the streets to smash the silence around loss in the UK. 125 people take their own lives every single week, and we’re uniting against suicide to send a message that that’s not ok. 

Clare is one of the hundreds who are taking on a #LostHoursWalk to remember a loved one. Clare lost her brother Lee last year, and wants to make sure that no matter where someone’s from, and whatever they’re going through, they're able to ask for the help they need.

“Some people struggle saying the word suicide. We’re trying to break that taboo and help people who feel the way my brother did. We want to help raise awareness that there are places like CALM where people can get help.”

Clare was close to her brother and supported him when he was going through tough times. While Lee was open with Clare about how he was feeling and the depression he was going through, he found it difficult to open up to his wider friends and family.

Since Lee’s death, it’s been difficult for many of his friends and family to cope with the fact Lee didn’t tell him how he was feeling, and Clare think services like CALM’s are really important in helping people get through bereavement by suicide. She hopes by raising awareness, more people will be able to reach out for support. 

“I don't think it was because he felt ashamed. I think it's because he didn't quite know how to bring it up. A lot of people haven’t heard of CALM, and so it’s about spreading that awareness. Doing the Lost Hours Walk will help the family to deal with our grief while we’re also doing something positive.”

“It’s about talking about suicide, helping other people that feel the way that my brother did and also helping people like me and my mum, who are trying to support eachother through something so difficult.”

Friends and family from around the globe will be taking on their own Lost Hours Walk, in support of CALM this October. More than 20 of Lee’s friends and family are coming together to celebrate Lee’s life and help tackle the stigma around suicide - walking in Newbury, Yeovil, Spain and even Australia. 

The route Clare picked has special significance to her and her family who live in the local area.

“We're going to meet up on a Sunday morning and we'll walk down the river Kennet.  It's beautiful, really, really beautiful. Lee and I always lived in Newbury and when we were kids, we always used to take our bikes down the canal, so it's a warming, happy memory for us. And then there's a nice pub at the end, so we’ll finish off with a nice drink and have a toast to Lee.” 

Forward, together, against suicide

Whatever your reason, no matter how long or how far you are walking, you’re not alone. Share your photos, posts and route and joining the Lost Hours Walk community using #LostHoursWalk.  It’s time to walk forward, together, against suicide.